New Year a’coming….

I try not to make New Year resolutions because it feels like im setting myself up to fail but I will make this one nd that is to update my blog at least once a month…well, we’ll see.
HAPPY 2015 everyone. I hope it brings you all you wish yourself….be careful what you wish for though!

Dorset Arts Weeks

Well Dorset Arts Weeks is over! It was a fabulous two weeks spent sharing Stuart Wiltshire’s glass-blowing studio along with my friends Angie Woodhouse (The Art Machine-stained glass) and Clare Hughes (Felty Flair-needle-felted animals).  It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by Stuart’s amazing blown glass and to pick up more knowledge and ideas from him. It made the months of stress and preparation worthwhile.  I was surprised to find that it’s my beads that most people are interested in rather than the made-up jewellery. I love to think that the beads will be made up into other people’s pieces. It’s just a shame that I often don’t get the see the finished article.  I’m going to be demonstrating my flamework with Stuart at his studio in St Nicholas Street, Weymouth during the summer holidays. I will post dates nearer the time. Until then don’t forget the sunscreen!

Catching up….and new email address!

Before I go any further my new Wheezyanna email address is…..

Well, I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself, especially after my daughter went to so much trouble to set this blog up! I have made a resolution to post at least once a month. Once a week may be a bit boring for followers…

What ‘s happened in the last few months…hmmm….well, I’ve had a huge crisis of faith in myself and my jewellery. The long, dark, windy and wet winter didn’t help and now thank goodness I’m feeling more positive. I’ve made some lentil shaped beads which represent the stormy weather and I will post them as soon as I have some good photographs. Dorset Arts Weeks is looming and the usual panic has set in just before a major show or event. I’m starting to feel on top of things now and looking forward to being with Stuart Wiltshire (Master glass blower) in his studio in Nicholas Street, Weymouth, along with Angie Woodhouse with her lovely stained glass and Clare Hughes and her beautiful felting. It should be fun. Come and see us if you can. We will all be demonstrating our respective crafts….



This is probably not a very clear photograph which doesn’t really matter because I’m not selling it. Every so often I make a bead that I just can’t let go of and this is one of them…



Here’s one of my latest bracelets. The theme is aqua glass with creamy coin freshwater pearls. The has a sterling silver hook clasp.


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